First Time Setup

This will walk the user through initial setup of device settings and configuration. It will end with pointers to Syncing, Network Setup, etc. The goal is to get the focuser moving.

Once the focuser is connected but before it can be used there are a few things that need to be set.

All Focusers

  1. Set a device Nickname - this allows for easy identification of the focuser.

  2. Make sure the device type matches your focuser model - most units should ship with this set. If it shows No Device you can select your model. See the Device Types reference for models.

  3. Set the LED Brightness - every model has a users settable LED. The brightness can be adjusted or the LED turned off.

  4. Setup Backlash if needed

  5. Setup Temperature Compensation if needed

Homing Focusers

Homing focusers do not require any special configuration

Syncing Focusers

Syncing Focusers have additional steps for optimal use. See Setting up a Syncing Focuser for more details.