Find Serial Port Name

Serial and USB Serial devices use an identifier to identify a port.


The Optec USB Serial cable uses FTDI drivers. These should be installed or will install automatically with Windows Update. If the COM Port is not found try installing the FTDI driver directly.


The Optec ThirdLynx uses USB CDC which is built into Windows 10. For Windows 7 installations Optec provides a native driver.

All Platforms

The drivers show the available Serial ports. Before plugging in the USB cable note what ports are available. Then plug the cable in and re open the settings pages. The new port is the Serial port for the device.

Alternatively if there few ports guessing unused ports and trying to connect can quickly find the correct port.


In addition you can use the Windows Device Manager to check for new COM Ports.

Linux and macOS

Linux and macOS list serial devices in the /dev folder. To check what devices are registered:

  1. Press Ok to save