Connect ASCOM to an Alpaca driver


  • Alpaca driver running on local network

  • ASCOM Platform 6.5 SP1 or higher on the computer that you want to connect


  1. Start the Alpaca driver on the local or remote computer

  2. Connect to your device from the Alpaca Web UI

  3. Make sure that the driver has discovery enabled (link to How To)

  4. On the computer with ASCOM open the ASCOM Chooser for the device type that you want to use. Often this is opened in a client program with a choose or select button

  5. In the Chooser click on the Alpaca Menu and select Enable Discovery

  1. The Alpaca Discovery indicator will blink and then any found Alpaca devices will be displayed. The device will show up as a NEW ALPACA DEVICE and then the name. The IP Address is the Address of the remote device.

  1. Select the device and press OK

  2. Follow the onscreen instructions

  3. You can now connect to the device in any ASCOM client by selecting the new driver. Alpaca devices are marked with a (Alpaca) in the chooser.